Symphonic Winds

Symphonic Winds is a performing group at Santa Teresa High School that is designated for band students with at least one year of high school band experience and for incoming freshman.

Instruction for this ensemble focuses on the preparation of music in a variety of types and styles for public concerts and other events, and on the development of band techniques (tone, rhythmic accuracy, technical facility, articulation, intonation, blend, balance, and musical expression).

Wind Ensemble

The Santa Teresa Wind Ensemble is the advanced concert band at Santa Teresa High School.  You must audition to get into this band.  Auditions are held in the spring.

Instruction in this ensemble focuses on the preparation of music in a variety of types and styles for public concerts, adjudicated festivals, and other events along with a focus on high school level band technique (tone, rhythmic accuracy, technical facility, articulation, intonation, blend, balance, and musical expression). Students are required to participate in all performances by the group.

This Ensemble requires an increased level of commitment by the students who have demonstrated superior levels of knowledge, enthusiasm, self-direction, and skill. This is the opportunity for advanced musicians to showcase their talent.

Symphonic Winds and Wind Ensemble Performance Dates:

  • 12/15/22: Winter Band Concert, featuring the ST Wind Ensemble, ST Symphonic Winds, and special guests: Davis Intermediate Raider Band
  • 3/3/23: Music Marathon at STHS
  • 3/7 or 3/9: ESUHSD Band Festival at EVHS. (actual performance date will be announced in January. District festival is at EVHS this year. Festival starts at 6:30pm on all 3 nights).
  • 3/8/23: Music for All: Sonoma Invitation Wind Band and Orchestra Festival at Sonoma State. (WIND ENSEMBLE ONLY)
  • 5/16: Spring Band Concert: ST Wind Ensemble, ST Symphonic Winds, and the Herman Intermediate Band