Fundraising events are scheduled and organized throughout the year by the Santa Teresa Music and Arts Association to help our band program and help offset the costs of our band activities, both on an individual and group basis.

To assist the students, STMAA maintains Individual Student Accounts on Charms, where students can earn a portion or all of the profits from a particular fundraiser. Funds may be used to help with costs related to participation in the band program. These expenses may include Ensemble Fees, band trips, band shoes, musical equipment, and any other costs related to band. Log into Charms here, select the Parents/Students tab and enter the code “sthsband”. The initial password is student id number (and may be changed after logging in for the first time).

Some fundraisers will benefit the General Band Fund and some are designated for Individual Student Accounts. Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in fund raising activities. All fundraising will take place according to STHS and ESUHSD fundraising guidelines.

All remaining money in the student’s account at the end of the school year automatically rolls over to the next year. If a graduating senior has a positive balance in his account at graduation, he may elect to “pass down” his balance to a sibling in the band or if no sibling is involved in the band program, the funds roll over to the general band fund.

If a band family experiences financial difficulty, the family should notify either the band director or the STMAA president. Fundraisers and payment plans are available to ensure that all students who wish to participate in the Santa Teresa Band program will be given the opportunity to do so.

While direct contributions are always accepted, all band members are encouraged to take advantage of all the fundraising programs available. Please go to to see volunteer opportunities.

Ensemble Donations

Each member of a particular ensemble, such as Marching band or concert band, will be asked to contribute an Ensemble Donation. The amount of the donation is determined by the band director and the STMAA board and is based on the per student cost of being a member of each ensemble.

Students and families may fund-raise their donation, pay them in full, or a combination of both. Payment plans are available. The STMAA board will work with any family in any situation to assist with coming up with each members’ donation.

Fund-raising Programs

Fundraisers happening during Marching Band Season are:

Mattress Fundraiser: 1/22/23

Double Good – Popcorn Online Sales

Fan Cloth – Sales start 1st day of School for 2 weeks.

Dine-outs – Monthly (or more)