ST Band Update: Start of the School Year!

Dear 2020-2021 Santa Teresa High School Band and Color Guard,

I hope that you are doing well enjoying your last few days of Summer break. I want to provide you all with some updates and resources before school starts on August 11th. As we start off with Full Distance Learning, it is very important that you are all set up with Charms, which is where our band program handles our communication, inventory, finances, documents, and so much more! Our Band Assistant Robin DeJarnett can help you get set up with your Charms account.  We are very fortunate to have Robin in our music program. She may be reached at I will not be available from Saturday August 1 through Monday August 3rd and will have very limited internet connection. Please take the time to read this email

Virtual Band: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band 1

Students will work on a variety of skills during Distance Learning, which will include: Virtual Band, Chamber music, Solo music, scales, music theory and musicianship, music history, composition and improvisation. These are all aspects of music that will make you all better musicians! Since our school year won’t be too heavily performance-based, all of the skills that will be taught this year will give us better quality performances in the future. Virtual Band will be recorded by each student individually, with click-tracks. All of these will eventually put together for a “Virtual Band” Performance!

Examples of Virtual Band: 

J.S Bach, Prelude & Fugue in G minor, BWV 558:

October by Eric Whitacre:

The Stars and Stripes Forever:

Examples of Virtual Jazz Band:

Easy to Love:

The Jazz Police:

Time Check:

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